Untitled… My work is intended to inspire, to make you think. Focusing on the positive, I leave my mark on the world, feeding it with my energy. I would like to think of my art as dynamic, and welcome your interest with much appreciation.

I seem to have the tendency to be the loner, the odd one out, the observer. I break the rules if I see fit. I am unique, I smile a lot, and you could say I’m a still water with deep depths ~ I sometimes surprise myself!

My interests lie in the metaphysical and occult, the alternative from what is generally perceived as orthodox. I am a healer, and a mother of six, of which two are still dependent while the others have flown the nest ~ more or less! I like pushing my boundaries and see limitations as challenges. I know that the impossible, is possible!

  1. Josina said:

    Mooie tekst Ingrid! en ook heel mooi werk wat je maakt en alle dingen die je doet. Veel liefs, Josina

    • Dankjewel Josina, ik vind het ook heel leuk om te doen :)


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