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Self portrait… My work is intended to inspire, to make you think. Focusing on the positive, I leave my mark on the world, feeding it with my energy for all who wish to see.

The fact you are reading my blog, exploring the obvious and perhaps not so obvious, I welcome your interest with much appreciation.

I seem to have the tendency to be the loner, the odd one out, the observer. I break the rules if I see fit. I am unique, I smile a lot, and you could say I’m a still water with deep depths ~ I sometimes surprise myself!

My entire life I have been told I am a natural, regardless of the context it was used in, and even if at first sight you may not get that impression, in fact this is exactly how I feel and this reflects on my work which seems to develop organically, and often by intuition.

My interests lie in the metaphysical and occult, the alternative from what is generally perceived as orthodox. I am a healer, and single mother of six, of which two are still dependent while the others have flown the nest ~ more or less! I like pushing my boundaries and see limitations as challenges. I know that the impossible, is possible! I would like to think of my art as dynamic, with the ability to heal ~ at times I feel it is literally speaking to me!

2 thoughts on “about …

  1. Mooie tekst Ingrid! en ook heel mooi werk wat je maakt en alle dingen die je doet. Veel liefs, Josina

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